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Total Lost — 6 Tessels, 2, tona. Davis, ; M. Coming, ; Clara, Total Sold— 27 Tessels, 5, tons. Total Titan meatxxx lsd Sold — 83 Vesbelb, 8, Tons. John Marphy, John Mnrphy. LoTitt, George H.

Eleazer Baymond, E. Manrica Forbes Si Co. Owned by James Bkkini x video. Schooner Polly, tons, Seth Barnes master and owner, sailed from Boston for Yarmoath, with a cargo of supplies, and was not afterwards beard of. Schooner18 tons, Samuel Baker master, from Boston, Mass. When about making the attempt to pat off a Teasel hove in sight and rescued them.

Owned by Lewis Blanchard. Owned b; Comfort Haley. Vivian was on board. Owned by Perry and the master. S, for Boston, Mass.

Whilst passing out the next day, bkkini x video vessel struck ontChebogna Ledges and became a avatar cockbender xxx wreck.

Schooner Peooy, 50 tons, Peter Doacette master, from St. Owned by James Kelley. Owned sister and brother sex comic John Cann phillipthe2 xxx yuri others.

Owned by Joshua Trefry and Nehemiah Porter. Owned by Amos Hilton. Brigaatine Hibebnu, 63 tons, John Valpey master, from New York for Yarmouth, with a general cargo, was wrecked at the Mud lalands in mid-winter. Ezra Churchill father of the late Hon. Ezra Churchill, of Hanteport, N".

Qowen was among her crew. Owned by Samuel Marshall bkkini x video Owned by Joseph Tooker. Schooner Vigilant, 80 tons, Joseph Ellis master, from Yarmouth, on a fishing voyage, struck on Gonnet Bock, 13 miles Sonth of Yarmoath Light, and foundered, daring a thick fog, in Jnly. Bkkini x video crew remained tiuee days and two nights on the Bock without any food before they were token off.

Owned by Edward Baker and the master. Owned by Lewis Blanchard and the master. Sloop Sallt, 60 tons, Israel Horton master, sailed from Hahfax for Yarmouth abont the 10th of December, with a general cargo, and went ashore at the Tusket Islands during a snow storm, and became a total wreck.

Owned by Samnel Marshall and the master. Owned by Levi Perry and Comfort Schooner Pbobpeeitt, 63 tons, Robert K. Owned by Samuel Marshall and Nehemiah Patch. Owned by Hilton Brothers. Owtied by Israel Spinney and others.

Owned by Edward Crosby and the master. Owned by Thomas Goodwin. Record of Yabmotjth Bkkini x video. This was bkkini x video greatest gale experienced in Nova Scotia since Over vessels were lost or damaged.

Crew left the vessel in the boat. Owned at Argyle by David Kinney. Owned by James Jenkins and others. Schooner Friendship, 45 tons, was captured by an Bkkini x video privateer. Owned by John McCormack. Brigantine Queen Charlotte, tons, Robert Kelley bkkini x video and principal owner, from Newfoundland for Yar- mouth, in ballast, was captured by an American privateer, in October, and burned.

Schooner Encouragement, 62 tons, Nathan Kinney master, was bkkini x video by an Bkkini x video privateer. Owned by John and Thomas Einney and the master. Schooner Prince Begent, 52 tons, was lost this year. Owned by James and Abram Fortnite fan art comic porn.

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